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Content drives your inbound marketing efforts.

Ever wonder why those ads follow you around the Internet? Once you’ve shopped for a new fishing pole, you see ads for your favorite brand of fishing equipment on every media website you visit?

That’s due to retargeting.

We utilize our display ad serving technology that allows you to place banner ads on over 4 million websites across all major ad networks. The inventory we purchase through bidding on unsold inventory, and therefore we are able to achieve cheaper rates than what you’d pay on a websites rate card Cost Per Thousand (CPM).

In addition, our media buying processes create pricing that’s as much as 65-85% cheaper than media retail costs. Although the inventory we provide is much lower cost, we provide highly strategic targeting to your target audiences, providing more relevant website visitors.

Display advertising and retargeting is especially effective with video, allowing you to gain more impressions with your television advertising and how to videos.


Finally, a cookie is loaded onto the visitors browser, triggering your ads each time the visit a network site we have placed your digital advertising.

By re-marketing this way to former website visitors, we entice them to return and convert on websites, apps and Facebook (we also offer video retargeting as well). This is especially effective at high volume times of the year, or to offer special promotions, continued education or other specific offerings


  • Over 50,000 Websites & Apps
  • Over 30 Major Ad Networks
  • Geotargeting to Zip Code
  • All Device Targeting
  • In-App Ad Serving
  • 98% Internet Traffic Behavioral Target Reach
  • Common Targeting:
    • Contextual: Categorically Relevant Sites
    • Behavioral: Individuals Demographic and Online Behavior
    • Keyword: Keyword Targeted Content on Web Pages