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Graphic Interface Design

usability-user-interfaceNow that usability has been established that streamlines your user’s ability to complete tasks on a system, we move into the development of a well-guided visual design or graphic interface design. Since we build on a foundation of usability, we strive to create a graphic interface that helps create confidence and positive perceptions about your brand.  Once again, our focus is evidence-driven interaction design.

The Visual Layer

Rather than utilize print designers working in a new medium,
our interface designers have years of experience developing
usability-ii-design-graphical-user-interfacedigital executions. This experience creates websites and apps
that are both well-organized and visually engaging at the
same time.

User Feedback

While we begin with an understanding of your customer, we still prefer to expose visual designs to your customers so your site is based on impact, engagement and the creation of action depending on the business needs of your brand.

Style Guides

We establish style guides to help you maintain the same visual style throughout future engagements with our team or other partners.

Our style guides can include:

  • what-is-user-interfaceNavigation templates
  • Page layout templates
  • Type styles
  • Color palettes
  • Container elements
  • Iconography libraries
  • Full renderings (if necessary)