Story Selling Training

How does Story Selling work?

How different are you from your competitors? Now, how do you get the opportunity to demonstrate that difference?

Story Selling is designed to “lead to” rather than “lead with.” When you lead with your benefits, customers automatically place you into a neat box. For most companies, that neat box includes all of our competitors. He sells insurance. She sells IT services.

So how do you become different from your competitors? You lead them to your solution. Let them discover the difference. Within a managed sales process.

Our Story Selling process walks through the six

Base Reality: This is about defining your customer’s current life. Rather  than asking endless open-ended questions about their needs, you lead with your knowledge of their industry based on research and experiences.

Inciting Incident: In any good story, the base reality is always interrupted by and inciting incident. A threat is introduced. A mistake is made. We call this the Inciting Insight. We show you how to introduce prospects to a potential threat.

Heightening: The next step is the heightening of the threat and the suspense through some of those facts and figures you might typically present. But it’s not time to sell yourself yet!

Connect: This requires an understanding of why customers buy. This is where most marketing fails. The traditional approach is, if the PowerPoint presentation didn’t get me there, then I’ll send a white paper. If the white paper doesn’t work, I’ll send something else. But it’s more of the same and doesn’t get you over the “why we’re different” hump. We’ll show you how.

The Revelation: Here, we teach you how to lead them to the solution. Not your solution. It’s counterintuitive, but it works.

The Resolution: They’ve already bought into acting differently. Now you just have to show them HOW to act differently. And your solution does just that.