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Turning customers into raving fans starts with
higher employee engagement.


Employeesleadership-skills-employee-engagementCustomer experience is more than a theory. It’s been proven by major corporations and small businesses to differentiate your business, create top-of-mind awareness and increase sales.

But it can also improve employee engagement.

Emotional indicators are far stronger at driving human behavior than financial or functional factors. A sense of purpose is a stronger motivator than financial gain.

In short, your employees feel good about their job when they feel they are contributing–to their co-workers, leadership and primarily, the customers they serve every day. So once your employees understand the priorities and actions and they can implement consistent and repeatable CX Processes, they become highly engaged.

We call these “Intraprenuerial Employees.” They work under a system of common values and aligned priorities, but make front-line decisions quickly and efficiently to maximize customer value.

Customer focused organizations suffer from less of the symptoms traditional organizations do, so CX companies experience:

  • Fewer bottlenecks in decision-making
  • Less reliance on one or two key people for decisions to be made
  • Fewer clients who have slowed down work or faded away
  • More growth with fewer people
  • Fewer surprises
  • Higher completion rates for projects.

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