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customer-experience-increase-revenuesDo you believe your customers will suddenly change their purchase behaviors because you’ve sent them an email? Or they’ve seen one of your ads?

Would you?

There is an ancient parable about a boy who wants a fox. Every day, he stands in a field watching a fox through a spyglass. He decides he must have the fox and dashes across the field to scoop the fox up in his arms. The fox ran away.

This is the approach of many companies with their marketing. They charge across the field hoping to capture the customer with a single attempt. Their sales people set the goal of closing a sale quickly, before they earn the customer’s trust.

What if you took one step each day, instead? In the parable, the boy is advised to take one step toward the fox each day. Slowly he earns the fox’s trust. Eventually, the fox becomes his constant companion.

Changing a customer’s behavior is a difficult and expensive proposition. So why do it? We can show you easier and more impactful methods to simply integrate your solutions into their current purchase behaviors. Rather than fighting to get noticed, you simply place your organization into the paths your customers are already taking.

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