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Create processes your competitors cannot imitate.

Mapping Tool Nursery-01This lively and fun mapping workshop that enables your teams to understand key Customer Experience Moments of Truth that helps define processes your competitors cannot imitate.

Purchase behaviors used to be linear. Your customer would hear about your product, seek it out at the store and buy it. Or not buy it.

However, we no longer buy in this linear fashion. Today’s multi-channel world offers your customers more choices, while empowering them with third-party insights into your products or services through online sources. Instead of visiting a store or awaiting a sales call, customers now more often switch between channels as they move toward purchase: shop by smartphone, watch TV, read online reviews, talk to a friend, even making an initial, low-commitment purchase from your company. It’s a more circular–or even zig-zag–buying cycle.

Our Customer Ecosystem™ helps your entire organization visualize the total customer experience across every touch point between your customers and your organization.

  • How do customers perceive your industry.
  • How do your customers perceive your company within that industry.
  • How do they discover you.
  • Why do they buy.
  • What are their obstacles to purchase.
  • Who/what are their influencers.

Utilizing this map, your organization can begin to understand the most important factors from your customers’ perspective: where your company excels, succeeds or fails through the lens of your customers’ needs.

Use our CX Ecosystem Map to:

  • Understand the experience of different groups of customers
  • Improve efficiency and remove inconsistencies in the customer’s experience
  • Identify a more seamless experience across businesses, functional silos and channels
  • Design a new customer experience
  • Assess the impact of wider internal developments on the customer’s experience
  • Establish development priorities
  • Develop cross business alignment across the company
  • Improve your single overall measure of customer experience

Then you can begin to adapt processes to exceed customer expectations and reap the rewards of a Customer Experience organization.

Moment of Truth Analysis

A moment of truth is simply any interaction during which a customer may form an impression of your brand or product. The impression can be either positive or negative.

By leveraging the CX Ecosystem Map, we can identify those key Moments of Truth for your business and begin to design processes to make each experience exceptional.

You end up with a document and a series of processes that can be referenced by your employees at every touchpoint with the customer.