CX Hiring Processes

Hire, train and retain top employees
for CX excellence.

Best-Hiring-Process-Interview-Techniques-AssessmentsHiring to exceed customer expectations.

The experience of your customer is nearly always formed, built, strengthened and often, terminated, based on the interactions with your employees.

Moreover, when your customers have a poor experience, it’s rarely a single event. Usually it’s a cumulative effect over time. A customer who feels they are always being given work to do by your company. Promises broken. Poor performance. Lack of action. Lack of access.

Every time you or someone in your company engages a customer, it creates an experience, something they remember. Your employees can make that experience positive or negative.

When customers have positive emotional experiences, it anchors them to your company. When they have a negative experience, you may never get a second chance.

Creating a customer-focused organization ensures every experience is consistent. While it includes process design and employee training, your hiring processes can help you find, onboard and retain your talent.

Design a customer-focused hiring process.

We help you design a hiring process for every employee, not just your managers and leadership. We offer affordable pre employment screening so you can assess every candidate. Even if you’re considering promoting employees to manager or leadership roles, we provide unique aptitude tests so you can be determine if they are the right fit.

For hiring or promotion of leadership or management candidates, we can provide our in-depth, one-on-one candidate interview that provides deeper insights into the behaviors you can expect from an employee and how to manage to their strengths.

Staff your team with customer focused employees and grow your organization.

CX Employee

Leverage our proprietary behavioral interview to analyze new employees.


Assess current employees or new hires for skills, motivations and leadership abilities (online assessments).


Training programs for vital Customer Experience skills, leadership and management.