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We’re not right for everyone.

Since we become invested in each client’s success, we only work with a few organizations each year. So we’re methodical about defining whether your company is a good fit. Want to know if your organization is ready for this transformation? Answer these few questions.

Studies show most companies are not ready for this stage of growth. Because it requires action. It requires employee behavioral changes. It’s not “the way it’s always been done.” Rather than changing employee and team behaviors for accountability (which takes time), many companies instead waste countless dollars recruiting “new and improved” employees hoping things will get better.

Hope is not a strategy.

The quickest way find out if we’re a good fit is by getting your own free, no obligation Gap Assessment of your organization. Use the form below to schedule yours. With one quick conversation, we save you time by determining together whether we can help you. We believe in action, not theory. So we don’t waste your time.

Our approach helps organizations develop a strategy and the action steps to make it happen. But first, you must be the type of organization who recognizes the symptoms of stalled productivity, like:

  • Leadership frustration with employee engagement and productivity
  • Decisions often bottleneck at the managerial level.
  • Customers sometimes reduce the amount of business they do with you or simply fade away completely.
  • Customers are often frustrated with your products or service.
  • Business is most often won by offering a lower price than your competition.
  • The only way to increase business is to increase staff.
  • Your sales team cannot close enough sales or spend too much time chasing bad leads.
  • You struggle to consistently attract and hire good employees.

Here’s what we look for in a client:

  • You understand that velocity of change is a given in today’s business world and you look for ways to stay ahead of it.
  • You understand that “the way we’ve always done it” isn’t necessarily the right way for today’s marketplace.
  • You understand that time and efficiency is as valuable as money.
  • You have the courage to stay the course rather than change direction every few months – if the course is proven.
  • You understand that a strategy can be exact, but true success depends on execution.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Actionable tactics to help your organization learn, grow and improve every single day.
  • We will always choose the best way over the easiest way.
  • A focus on the most important things, first.
  • Problem-solving utilizing a balance of science and creativity.
  • As effortless an experience as possible. We work for you, not the other way around.
  • Candor and transparency.
  • The courage of accountability.
  • A passion and commitment to make a difference. For you, for your company, for our associates and the community we serve.