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Start generating new income for your restaurant in a few days!

easy-online-orderingAccording to The NPD Group, an independent Washington, N.Y.-based research firm, the number of restaurant meals eaten at home, either carried in or delivered, is expected to grow faster than any other category in the next decade.

Are you poised to take advantage of this growth opportunity with a restaurant mobile site?

Why a restaurant mobile site? Can’t they find my website?

They can, but what does yours look like on a mobile device? Is it convenient?

Consider this: 88 percent of all web searches related to restaurants are made from a mobile phone. And the rise in mobile usage is projected to continue. With mobile web traffic set to increase 2600 percent in four years, restaurant owners need to consider how a mobile world affects their business.

Feed the hungry RIGHT NOW!

With today’s active lifestyles, more and more diners are turning to a restaurant mobile sites on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to connect to nearby restaurants or bars and to make reservations. According to Google research, close to half of searches for local restaurants are conducted on mobile devices. Mobile users attribute 97% and 88% of the total search volume on Google search for the keywords “bars” and “restaurants“, respectively. And when you consider 70% of all mobile searches result in action within one hour (according to Mobile Marketer), you could be missing a great opportunity to grow your business.

So if someone is searching for a place to eat on their phone or tablet, they’re typically out on the town and hungry — right now! If your website content is easily digestible on mobile devices, a new diner is 27 times more likely to call or visit your restaurant than someone who views your website on a computer.

We give you an opportunity to provide:

  • Mobile friendly access to the things they want most while on the go: telephone number, locations, hours and menu.
  • With our Platinum package, they can order directly from their mobile device so you’ve captured the sale at the moment they are most interested in your restaurant.