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Foster collaboration and drive engagement across the entire organization with your Intranet.

Intranet-website-designIntranet sites have existed since the beginning of web technology, but for many organizations they lose their usefulness due to the decline of user engagement. After all, in a world so used to mobile apps and social media sites, an organization’s site can seem cumbersome.

We apply our expertise in user engagement and online behaviors to develop sites that are more communicative and collaborative, with enhanced social features and the security needed for your organization.

Healthcare-IntranetOur Intranet sites:

  • Allow for the centralized storage of key content for all employees to access;
  • Broadcast corporate communications, functions or more informal many-to-many communications;
  • Foster project collaboration across office locations, countries, and even continents;
  • Provide a central launch pad for line-of-business productivity applications like ERP and HR systems.